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Space Cosme Moisturizing Cream FACEPEACE 100ml

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Plant-based and chemical-free, functional skin care (Moisturizing Cream) that is kind to the body and the earth. Contains “Neonisin-e® *”

For human health and the beautiful earth. On a space trip.

For daily skin care. To a loved one. Gender & age free. For the skin of all humankind.

As an astronaut’s carry-on item, it contains only chemical components, alcohol-free, and plant components necessary for the skin.

The main component is the lactic acid bacterium peptide preparation “Neonaisin-e®”, which contains an emollient component (rich beauty ingredients,oil-based moisturizing component) made from Japanese organic rice germ oil and lecithin, and a moisturizing component (water-based moisturizing component) made from pure glycerin and water.

With a concentrated type rich prescription that suppresses moisture, a very small amount gives fresh moisture and firmness to the bare skin, prepares his skin, and leads to clear, moisturized, healthy and beautiful skin.

Also for the whole body.

In addition to your skin care products, it also boosts the effect.

Amount for about one year*.

* Although there are individual differences, the amount (100 ml) is set so that it can be used only on the face every day for about one year. The reason for setting it to be about one year is to support the long-term missions of astronauts and to prevent the destruction of nature due to excessive consumption of small containers. For those who want to use it luxuriously every day, it will be more effective even if you use many bottles in a year.


Ingredients such as geraniol contained in damask rose flower essential oil in the ingredients have a faint scent only at the beginning.

Lactic acid bacteria peptide patented agent Neonisin-e **, Damask rose flower oil *, rice germ oil *, hydrogenated lecithin *, glycerin * etc. * Plant-derived ingredients ** Plant-derived lactic acid bacteria

* Please see the product package for all the ingredients.

European organic cosmetics certification acquired (planned)

SpaceCosme is a new era of skin care products that we can confidently recommend. We are looking forward to your order. We will carefully pack and ship from Tokyo. Please try the cutting-edge space cosmetics made in japan.

It's a pandemic and difficult time, but we'd be happy if we could connect with everyone in the world through this product from far east Yohohama Japan.
If the pandemic is over, please come visit us in Yokohama. Best regard.

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