How to use

Space Cosme Moisturizing Cream FACEPEACE

① Take a very small amount (rice grain size), spread it on the palms of both hands, and warm it in your hands.

② Then, press your palm against your face, apply it against your skin, and take a deep breath. If you don’t have enough oil, try again.

③ Because it is an oil-rich concentrated type, if the amount applied is too large (sticky or sticky) depending on the season, wipe it off with the back of your hand or arm to adjust the feeling of use (matte feeling) to your liking. increase.

④ After a while, the texture of the skin on the hands and arms to be wiped off will be improved.

⑤ With this one. In addition to the skin care products you are currently using, the effect will be boosted. Also for the whole body.

If you like, you can use it by diluting it in water with the palm of your hand. Although general skin care creams may contain 90% or more of water, “FACEPEACE Space Cosmetics” is an oil-based cream with as little water as possible, so when diluted with water, it becomes equivalent to general skin care creams.

The reason why it is shiny and sticky due to excessive oil is that it does not contain chemical components such as mineral oil (petroleum), silicone, vinyl polymer, petrolatum, etc. that give a smooth feeling on the skin surface, and is naturally derived, which is necessary for skin care. This is because it contains only the plant ingredients of. Wipe off the excess oil with the back of your hand or arm to adjust the feeling of use to your liking.

It can be used on the whole body as well as on the face. Also for lip and hand nail care, heels and knees, and hair styling. Gender-free from newborns to the elderly. With a loved one. With the whole family. Also for pets.

A chemical-free, plant-based body-safe ingredient, environmentally friendly and sustainable skin care product.

“FACEPEACE SpaceCosme” solves the problems of astronauts’ skin care and delivers it to many people at a reasonable price for the skin care of human beings on the earth, while protecting the natural environment of the earth. Keeps your skin healthy and beautiful.

* Due to the characteristics of the product, it is possible that it will separate into water and oil due to some environmental changes such as during space flight. There is no problem in using it, so in that case, shake the bottle before use to mix.

SPACE Toothpaste

Take desired amount onto toothbrush and brush thoroughly and spit out the excess. To moisturize, apply it to your mouth and leave it.

With this product only, we are able to provide total care through daily oral care and toothbrushing, including oral cleansing, oral moisturizing, bad breath prevention, periodontal care, tongue care, oral massage, mucosal care, cavity prevention, dry mouth prevention, aspiration prevention, and infection prevention care.

The patented plant-derived lactic acid bacterium bacteriocin, Neonisin-e®* (patent no. 6523473), moisturizes and keeps the mouth healthy in areas that are difficult to reach by brushing the teeth, such as the entire mouth, teeth, interdentium, periodontium, and tongue.

Brushing whitens teeth and freshens breath.

Oral care also prevents aspiration lung problems and keeps the dry mouth moisture and healthy.

No foaming agent, abrasive, or irritating ingredients are used, so it can be brushed thoroughly, and there is little residue of polishing. It keeps clean and refreshing feeling.

Especially before going to bed, it is recommended to clean between your teeth with an interdental brush or floss while keeping this dentifrice in your mouth.

If possible, we suggest cleaning your tongue.

It is also effective to apply a small amount to the entire mouth, teeth, interdentium, periodontium, and tongue after rinsing.

Another characteristic of ORALPEACE is that it does not damage the stomach even if you apply it to your mouth to prevent the growth of bacteria and thirst during sleeping.

You can feel the change of bad breath and refreshing feeling of the mouth when you wake up the next day after carefully caring the mouth with ORALPEACE at night.

When the mouth feels good, conversation is fun, and the air, water, food and alcohol are delicious.

Stay healthy!!