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SPACE Toothpaste ORALPEACE 80g

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Plant-based and chemical-free, edible food ingredients. Environment positive, multi-functional oral care toothpaste (Gel). Contains "Neonisin-e®*" created by Japanese biotechnology.

Toothpaste and oral care gel that can be used both in space and on earth and kind to the body and the Earth.
Chemical-free (no chemical components), Plant-based (100% plant components), 100% safe food ingredients and 100% biodegradable toothpaste.

No Chemical substances, No Alcohol, No Foaming agent, No Abrasive contained.
Contains “Neonisin-e®️*” that cleans the oral cavity and Moisturizing ingredients.

All-in-one preventive care for your oral and dental diseases such as bad breath, decay, tartar, periodontal, dry mouth, aspiration and for your tongue and oral mucosa care.

Great for everyday use from baby to elderly, for all family members.

Useful for situations where water supply is scarce such as outdoor camping, in times of disaster and space travel.

Toothpaste・Oral care for babies to elderly, any gender and all ages.
For all humanity on the planet and for astronauts flying into the space.

Refreshing flavor of natural mint and lemon.
keep your mouth clean and refreshing, healthy and peaceful.

Neonisin-e®**; a patented formulation of lactic acid bacteria peptide(cleaning aid), glycerin*(moisturizer), water, xanthan gum*(thickener), mentha oil*(flavoring agent), spearmint oil*(flavoring agent), Lemon peel oil*(flavoring agent), damask rose flower oil*(flavoring agent)

*Derived from plants
**Plant-derived lactic acid bacteria

The following ingredients are not used
× Ingredients not approved as food × Silicon such as dimethicone / cyclomethicone /cyclopentasiloxane × Vinyl polymer such as carbomer × Petroleum-derived ingredients such as paraffin, vaseline, mineral oil × Petroleum-based surfactant × Etal (alcohol) × IPMP (isopropylmethyl) Synthetic bactericides such as phenol) × Synthetic preservatives such as paraben (paraoxybenzoic acid ester), phenoxyethanol, PG (propylene glycol), BG (butylene glycol) × Hinokithiol × urea × PEG-60, solubilizers such as propanediol × Synthetic fragrance × Animal-derived raw materials including human-derived × Raw materials derived from insects and insects × Lactic acid bacteria themselves (no mixture of live and dead bacteria, no lactic acid bacteria derived from animal feces even during raw material production)

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